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Around 95% of the population own a TV, which means that at some point almost all households have had to find a suitable TV stand for one or more of their televisions. Luckily there are a wide variety of different stands out there: from compact, discreet models that are just the thing for smaller sets, right through to large, ostentatious units which are just the thing for a bigger, feature TV.

To help you purchase the TV stand that’s right for your requirements, we’ve put together a list of things to consider, as well as provided some further information on the various types of TV stands on the market. Read on to discover the TV stand choice that’s going to suit you and your home.

Paris 2 drawer TV cabinet in White & Natural Wood

Factors to consider when purchasing a TV unit

Detailed below are the key considerations to look at when deciding on the type of TV stand that’s going to work best.

The role your TV will play in the room

In the lounge or study, a TV may well take centre stage. Many people use their TV screen as the source of much of their entertainment, which means they have a large TV that takes pride of place in the room. Alternatively, some households prefer the TV to have a more discreet presence: perhaps they don’t use the TV very much, or simply prefer a more traditional appearance to their living space, with the TV concealed. The role of the TV may also vary depending on which room in the house it’s in.

The shape and size of the location

It’s not just the size of the television which is often determined, at least in part, by the size of the room: the final choice of TV stand is often also dependent on its location. Obviously larger rooms can support a bigger TV stand, but that’s just part of the story! Often a more compact residence will benefit from a stand which includes integral storage, reducing clutter and making best use of the available space. It’s also worth considering the dimensions of the TV stand: narrower ones can often work well where space is at a premium, or where pre-existing storage for DVDs etc already exists. It’s also possible to get corner units as well as stands which are more suited for positioning on a straight wall.

Styling for your home

There is an enormous range of TV stands available in many different styles. From traditional, wooden TV stands right the way through to hi-gloss, minimalist options that provide a perfect accent in a post-modern home, the styles and colours are numerous. It’s worth taking a while to consider whether you want your stand to be a powerful accent, or whether you’re looking for something that will blend in with your existing decor. Whilst there’s no right answer when it comes to personal taste, checking out the available range could provide the inspiration you need to make a good choice.

Added extras

TV stands frequently come with additional storage. This can be a real bonus if you have games, DVDs or similar items which could do with being stored in close proximity to the TV. That said, if you tend to either watch satellite TV or stream films or similar, you may find that the storage is under-utilised, or that drawers and cupboards end up being filled with clutter. Again, this is all about customising your stand to suit you, your family and your home.


Although function and appearance are frequently the priorities when it comes to TV stand selection, the robustness of the stand is also a consideration. Particularly in a household where there are animals or children, a stand needs to be extremely stable and built to last. TVs are heavy items which can cause serious injury if they fall: for this reason, any stand must be large enough to house the TV safely.

Material and maintenance

Inevitably, some materials will work better in your home than others. Metal is a classic option that never dates: strong, resistant to water and difficult to mark, it’s a great choice for most modern homes. Glass adds plenty of visual interest, but requires considerable polishing to remain looking good and can get scratched. Similarly, a timber TV stand looks amazing, particularly in a traditional home, but requires regular polishing and needs to be treated with care to avoid scratches and grooves.

So what’s available?

Designer TV stands

A great addition to a stylish home, design TV stands have been created with visual appeal in mind. Available in several different looks, designer stands are a beautiful addition to your home, creating a statement as well as providing a stable base on which to locate your TV. Designer TV stands often benefit from a neutral palette, enabling them to work well almost anywhere. If you have a home to be proud of and want to give your lounge a perfect finishing touch, a designer TV stand could be a great investment.

High gloss TV stands

An absolute essential for a modern home, the light-reflecting properties of a high gloss stand adds a wealth of attractive visual effects. Drawing the eye towards the TV, the stand will make a great accent, providing a clean, modern statement that can really lift a room. The glossy sheen helps to create an air of spaciousness and light, helping smaller rooms to look bigger and optimising available light to give a brighter feel to the space. If you like clean, minimalist lines and modern, bright styling, a high gloss TV stand is going to work well in your home.

TV Cabinets

If you want a stunning piece to add to your furniture collection, a TV cabinet is a good solution. Normally made to a high standard from premium materials, TV cabinets feature imaginative design and plenty of storage. The flat top is multi-purpose: if you don’t want to situate your TV on it, it’s a good location for ornaments, books or other tech. In many ways a modern-day sideboard or general purpose cabinet, TV cabinets are a popular choice that’s versatile enough for almost any home.

TV Wall Cabinet Sets

Taking TV cabinets to a whole new level, a wall cabinet set combines a standard cabinet with a variety of wall-mounted cupboards and storage. A TV wall cabinet set can take up an entire wall, providing a large amount of coordinating storage. The wall-mounting reduces the floor area that’s taken up with the storage, freeing up valuable space. A choice that’s ideal where space is at a premium or simply where plenty of good-quality storage in an attractive design would be useful.

Glass TV Stands

One of the major advantages of a glass TV stand is that it goes with absolutely any decor. If you’re looking for a longer term investment that will stay looking good and won’t need changing when you redecorate, this is it. Glass reflects light beautifully, helping the room to look brighter and bigger. Glass TV stands are made from toughened glass, ensuring they’re safe and durable as well as amazingly attractive.

Wooden TV Stands

Traditional materials get a contemporary makeover when it comes to wooden TV stands. Wood always looks appealing, adding an up-market touch to its surroundings. Wooden TV stands come in a number of different woods and finishes, ensuring there’s something suitable for most interior design schemes. With its warm tones and enduring appeal, a wooden TV stand provides a subtle style statement that will add an attractive touch to any room in the house.


Obviously, a key consideration when purchasing a TV stand is cost: although a good-quality TV stand can cost more, ultimately it’s about the value you’re likely to get from it. Because most people will have a TV in their home for decades, it makes sense to spend a little more and get the stand of your dreams, rather than settling for second-best, only to feel dissatisfied with it because it doesn’t have quite the look you want. Remember that you will see your TV stand every time you look at your TV – nobody wants to spend hours every evening looking at a stand they’re not keen on!

Future proofing…

Even if you’ve only got a TV at the moment, it’s worth considering whether you’re likely to be investing in more tech in the next few years: particularly if you intend to invest in a gaming console or two, or are going to treat yourself to an exceptional sound system in order to enhance your entertainment, your TV stand should be bought so that these additions can be easily accommodated. Buying a larger cabinet or one with more space than you need could make it easier to upgrade your entertainment in the future without needing to invest in a fresh cabinet.

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