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Handmade Antique Light Brown Rabbits Set of 4

This set of 4 antique light brown rabbits will bring character to any home display. They are hand made out of solid wood with a smooth gloss finish. Each rabbits design and proportion may vary slightly due to them being hand made but they all posses the fine painted detailing shown in areas such as the face, ears and feet. They also have a slight purposeful distressing on the finish to give the set a nice rustic look. The measurements are in order of largest to smallest. 1 W19cm D12.5cm H60.5cm weight: 0.73kg. 2 W17cm D10.5cm H46.5cm weight: 0.41kg. 3 W15.5cm D9.5cm H-40.5cm weight: 0.33kg. 4. W-13cm D7cm H31.5cm weight: 0.14kg.


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