How To: Create a Multi-Functional Living Room

How To: Create a Multi-Functional Living Room Leave a comment

You don’t need a big property to live in a beautiful living room. With the right design choices and multi-functional approach to your interior design, you can have a truly luxurious property whether you have multiple floors or just a few rooms to your name.

Great design takes the challenges of the space and transcends them. It means using the floor space you have to do more. You can have a living room that doubles as a dining room, or an office, or even a library. But you have to do it all with the right foresight and the right products.

High-quality products are a must in multi-functioning spaces. A table that expands to accommodate your entire dinner party needs to be solid and well made so that it can continue to serve you and your guests for years.


What is a Multi-Functional Living Room?

A multi-functional living room is what it says on the tin. It means combining usage to create a living space that does more for you and your family. Can be a living room/dining room, or a living room/office, or even a living room/spare bedroom. You can combine multiple purposes at once, rather than just two, and create the beating heart of your home.

The key to a successful multi-functioning room is in the design. Typically if you were to put the furniture from each room type into one space, it would become incredibly crowded. With multi-functional furniture, you can use each item for several purposes. A sofa can pull out to become a bed, for example.

How to Create Your Multi-Functional Living Room

Creating it is more than just buying furniture that serves two purposes. You need to go into your design plan with purpose so that you can use the space you have as efficiently as possible.

Be Clever With Storage

Storage is critical to a multi-functional living room. Clutter can very easily take over when your living room doubles as an office or as a dining room. You need shelves, cupboards, and other innovative storage solutions to put away the necessities when they are not in use and to keep your space as bright and airy as possible in your. Some clever ways to add storage to your living room include:

Adding Shelves

Floating shelves and custom shelves are two great ways to add seamless storage, but if you find a great entertainment shelving unit from our range that you love, it can just as easily work to add storage and function to your living room. The key is to provide your home with ample storage without that storage getting in the way of your room’s flow or purpose.

Furniture That Offers Storage

Sofas that lift up to add storage for blankets or pillows are multi-purpose, as are coffee tables or entertainment stands that offer storage space.

Use the Layout to Add Dimension

The layout of your living room is key when it comes to designing a multi-functional living room. If you want it to double as a spare bedroom, for example, you need to make sure that the sofa bed you have is far enough away from your TV unit.

You can delineate a room using area rugs (one for the living room section, another for the dining room or office sections). You can either invest in a beautiful screen divider or add storage while you are at it and use a standing bookshelf to subdivide the room appropriately.  At Luluna have plenty of bookshelves to help you divide your living room into a multi-purpose area, all while adding to the design and storage of the space.

Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

A sofa bed is a great example of extendable furniture that adds to the purpose of a room. A foldable dining room table that can either be mounted to the wall or folded up are also great for adding purpose to your living room and yet still being space economical.

Look Up and Design Vertically

The walls and ceiling of your living room are often the most underused aspects of your property. Shelving can add function to the walls, whereas hanging furniture or even just pendant lights from your ceiling can take some of the burden off your floor. You will want to ensure that you add the appropriate fastening system so that your walls can hold up the weight.

If you have pendant lights hanging over your dining room table, you will have more eating space, for example. If you have a hanging chair, you benefit from a more open-looking floor.

Be Minimal

Clever storage solutions and multi-purpose furniture from our collection will go a long way towards making room living room serve many different uses in your home. One thing you need to remember when designing this space is that less will always be more. You want to feel like you have space to breathe. Utilising the walls of your room, adding floating shelves, and even hanging a chair from the ceiling will keep your floors clear.

A clear floor looks and feels far less cluttered, allowing even tightly packed spaces feel more airy and minimal. To maintain this sense of space even in a small room, you will want to try to keep most clutter hidden away. Display books and other knickknacks for décor purposes, but remotes, wires, magazines, and other things that tend to clutter a living room should be stored away out of sight.

This way, you can have a clean, clear, and breathable space to enjoy many activities either by yourself or with your loved ones.

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