Madrid Small Designer coffee table in White & Oak

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Your home is your haven. It’s where you find peace and solace, and where you rest, relax and recuperate ready for the next day. As the living room is such an important place, it’s essential you fill it with the perfect coffee table and furniture which makes you happy, and creates the soothing ambience you hope for.

One crucial room within the house for all the family is the living room. While it can be argued the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room is where you spend time together, watching your favourite shows and relaxing in comfort. That’s why every piece of furniture in this room should be thought about thoroughly before its bought. The sofa and TV stand might be the first pieces you see, the coffee table truly ties the room together and can be an ideal item to make a statement. Choosing this piece, however, takes careful consideration.

Consider the Room Décor

Vintage, retro, modern, minimalist; whatever style your living room currently fits, you need to think if a high gloss coffee table would fit in well. Of course, you don’t have to stick completely to a style – it’s your home! If you love the country cottage style but fell in love with a grey high gloss table, don’t feel you can’t add this piece to the room. Rules are, after all, meant to be broken.

However, it can be argued that high gloss coffee tables are a modern, minimalist piece. A coffee table with a glass top is always going to add style and finesse to a room.

Andrew Small Designer coffee table in White & Oak

Consider the Occupants of the Home

Just because you have children and pets running around doesn’t mean high gloss coffee tables are out of the picture for your home. It is worthwhile considering who will be using the coffee table before purchasing. Are your children learning to walk and unsteady on their feet? A round high gloss coffee table could be ideal; you add a statement item to the room, and yet don’t add further sharp edges which could be painful for a little one.

If you share your home with a partner or live alone, the options are much wider for you. If you’re a fan of entertaining, a modern design with a glass top is always going to be a talking point.

Consider the Current Coffee Table

Perhaps this point ties into the room décor, but it’s worth taking note of also. Your current furniture can play a huge part in your choice. Pairing a black sofa with a high gloss white coffee table is a stylish choice you won’t regret. Opting for a dark grey coffee table to match your dark grey sofa and chairs will tie the whole room together.

As with the room décor, however, it’s up to you if you decide to match colours and styles to the current furniture or create a room filled with eclectic pieces which will wow everyone who enters.

Additionally, you need to consider how much space you have when you take into account your furniture. Make sure you measure each item first and ensure you have the dimensions with you when you visit online stores or physical shops.

High gloss coffee tables are truly a statement piece for your living room. Not only do they provide a functional and practical use, but they also finish a room’s style and décor perfectly. When you next browse for a coffee table, consider the above points to find the ideal one for you.

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