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Furniture beautifies a household. New furniture, sofas to be precise, makes the living room look new, smell new and be very attractive. The only fear that comes with new sofas is how to take care of them.  Sofas are made to last. So that you can enjoy and be at peace with your new sofa, here are some of the care tips you may consider that will make your sofa last.

Care Tips

To maintain the new look of the leather, fabric sofas and more types, regular cleaning is essential. When cleaning a leather sofa use a damp cloth. Corners Sofas are hard to reach and you have to use your vacuum cleaner to sanitize the corners of your leather sofa. For fabric sofa, vacuum it whole. Brushing it may lead to destruction of the fabric.

Do not use bleaches and other chemical cleaners because they will spoil the leather and for fabric they will degrade the colour making the material look faded when it’s still new. It may also help to avoid spillages on your fabric or leather. But if it accidentally happens, dry the liquid immediately. If it forms a stain, you may have to call in expert cleaners from cleaning firms.

Place your sofa away from direct heat or direct sunlight, unless they are specially made for those conditions. Heat and sunrays make the sofa lose its tint. Damp clothes or material should not be placed on the sofa because they can stain or discolour the sofas and more damage. Avoid habits like sitting on the armrest and jumping on the sofa may break the sofa. Also employ even use of all seats on your sofa set to avoid wear and tear at one point.

Do simple and regular cleaning, and properly. Be careful from staining the sofa. Employ good sitting habits and above all follow manufacturers; caring recommendations.  The leather, fabric sofa and more materials of sofas, will last long and will give you value for your money.

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