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Everybody will agree that it is wonderful having a sliding wardrobe with mirror in a bedroom. Because everything has its own place and you can find what you need quickly. Sliding wardrobes with mirror are a popular choice because of their space saving properties. They enable you to make use of every bit of floor space there is. Certainly people are tired of moving furniture around in order to make way for wardrobes doors to open wide enough. The beauty of sliding wardrobes is that they are space savers. Sliding wardrobes can be custom made and can be made to any height and depth to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you have sloping ceilings for instance, because sliding wardrobes maximize space, both floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. The aluminum and steel frames can be in  colors like silver, cream, black, white or something else you like.

The doors, made in a range of different materials,  simply slide open. Wood is always a popular choice for cupboards with sliding doors, but plastic, glass and steel or mirror panels combined with other materials are also alternative choices. You can blend materials and colors of the door panels to suit the theme of your room. Smooth Running Track Systems Wardrobes which slide come with matching tracks.

Some People prefer make to orders ones

The supplier who installs your sliding wardrobes will supply you with a smooth running track system as well, which is made up of ball-bearing bottom- and top rollers.  As with most bedroom furniture you get choices, and with wardrobes it is no different. Finally are carefully measured to your unique specification. These fabulous storage cupboards provide homeowners and businesses the same limitless storage solutions as other kinds of wardrobes.

The bonus part with sliding wardrobes with mirror is that you get a wardrobe system which is modern, sleek and  most attractive, and best of all, affordable.

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Flor Sliding Door Wardrobe Black Effect 180 cm