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Choosing the size of your bed will be determined by; the comfort levels and the type of sleep style you want as well as the size of your room. King size bed size and mattresses are spacious and wide, allowing partners to enjoy their own personal sleep space.  Measure the space in your room to make sure a King size bed size with a head board, foot-board and side tables can fit into your space. Some people want these extra large beds and then find that their dimensions can’t fit through their doorways.

Get the Support You Need from your Bed

Not all king size beds have the same measurements, so make sure you select the right frame and mattress. Always look out for and make sure that the frame of your king bed, whether it is metal or wood,  has sturdy cross support beams so that you don’t find your bed starting to sag in the middle. When looking for sheets and duvet covers for your king bed, if your buy abroad for instance, it may not fit the American King bed, so always measure your mattress carefully to get the correct fitting.

Ergonomically Suitable King Mattresses

People love King Size Beds because of the sheer roominess; in fact you get the same room in a King Bed as you would in your own Twin bed.  Tall people also appreciate the ‘Extra Length’ King Bed which is 200cm long or 78 inches. The standard king bed is 80 inches long and 76 inches. Also they come with all the luxury features that other mattresses have and are designed so that the mattress conform to the spine’s natural curves.

Must-Have Space

Whether you choose a Standard King bed, Split King beds or or California King size bed size. It is worth investing in a spacious King size beds with good  mattresses to get the ultimate night’s rest.

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