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Designer sideboards are trendy pieces of furniture and make beautiful statement pieces in a room. They are perfect for extra storage and shelving space to display any décor, knick knacks or collectables you want to show off. They are also one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that can be placed in almost every room of the house for multiple uses. This can make selecting the right one seem a bit overwhelming, so here are some tips and things to consider when choosing your new sideboard.

The décor in your home is a reflection of your personality, so it’s important that you carefully consider each piece and how it fits in with the rest of your interior design. Whether you are completely redecorating, refreshing a room, or simply adding a new piece of furniture, you want to make sure your new addition fits in with your home and with your style.


Fit your needs

First and foremost, ask yourself what you are using it for. Do you need extra storage or are you using it as an accent piece? If it’s for storage, consider whether you want to hide your belongings or have them exposed.


You should also think about extra features and which ones are important to you and your family. Backlights are excellent for storing dishware or bottles; glass doors are a good alternative to solid doors in places you want closed storage, but with the aesthetic of open display.

Size of your sideboards?

Also think about how much storage you need. Choosing one with more drawers might be necessary, or not. Do you need drawers that pull out, or are sliding drawers more preferable for ease of access?


Don’t forget to think about who lives in your home. If you have pets or little ones running around your house, can they potentially damage a glass top or glass doors? Could they knock objects off onto the floor?

These are all questions and considerations you should ask and make before choosing the sideboard that’s right for you and your home.


Find a place for your Designer Sideboards

Now that you have understood your needs, you can decide where in your home your it will live. Because they are such versatile pieces of furniture, you don’t need to stick with tradition and keep them in your living room. They can be placed in entryways as accent pieces and used as storage. They can be used in your kitchen or dining room as extra space for dishes and glassware, as a substitute for a pantry, and as a buffet to place food dishes on for dinner parties.

If you have the space for it, a smaller glass topped sideboard makes for beautiful storage in a bathroom. It’s perfect for housing extra towels and robes and organising other bath products nicely.


Choose a style

Is your new sideboard going to be matching with the furniture you have currently? It’s fairly easy to integrate designer sideboards into your present décor style since they come in so many varieties. Glass tops are the most versatile as they match with pretty much every type of décor. Keep in mind having furniture that clashes can subtly add feelings of anxiety or unrest, so keep it cohesive to soothe your mood. After all, your home should be like your sanctuary and feel inviting.


Pick a colour scheme

If you have mostly beech furniture, go with a beech sideboard. If your current colour scheme is a bit more adventurous, where not everything matches exactly, consider adding a neutral anchor and use your sideboard as an accent piece. Alternatively, pick a colour that would make a statement in a neutral room, like black, or a sideboard with a pop of colour on the sides or handles that matches a colour from a throw pillow, rug, or other accent decoration.


Consider the layout of your room

When adding new furniture or reorganising a space, it’s important to consider the layout and ease of movement of the room as it already is. You don’t want your new sideboard to clutter up the room, especially if the purpose of it is for storage to de-clutter. The perfect place for a sideboard is somewhere that is bare, or in a spot that is replacing a bigger, clunky piece of furniture. The beauty of having a sideboard is that it’s a small piece, so let it – and all your other pieces surrounding it – breathe.


Understand your budget

Lastly, it’s important to know how much you’re willing to spend before deciding on the perfect sideboard for you. Designer sideboards are attractive statement pieces that add form and function to any room, and are worth the investment. Their versatility is unparalleled, so splurging on the perfect sideboard can also be quite a practical purchase.


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